Why Write a Press Release? 5 Newsworthy Topics

Patrick Abec, publisher of Abec’s Small Business Review, answers the question “Why write a press release?” and offers 5 newsworthy topics that a small business owner might use for a press release. Newspapers, TV and radio stations are looking for “good news” stories about local businesses so pick one of these 5 ideas and get started today.

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  1. Thanks Patrick for the great ideas on why write a press release! I loved the topics that you recommended – things that I have never thought of. Sometime you don’t think that anything in your company is “newsworthy” unless is really big, this gave me some great ideas! Looking forward to your next show.

  2. Patrick, great show about “why write a press release”. I really like your ideas about topics which include our Teams. You’re absolutely correct….people love to read about other people and including our employees in press release topics really helps with team-building and recognition. Thanks for the tips.

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