Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

Today’s episode of Be Healthy Now, offers 5 questions to ask yourself when you are wondering why you are not losing weight and also provides tips for what to do to get on track to achieving your weight loss goal.

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  1. Yes Joe, a question I’ve asked myself…why am I not losing weight? Thanks for the answers and insight. I like your tips, especially the last one about not eating enough while engaging in a rigorous workout program. Good stuff.

  2. “Why am I not losing weight” is the biggest question most people ask themselves when they start working out. Eating the right things is the key and for women, the losing seems even harder. It’s good to know Beach Body can support the process along the way.

  3. Thanks Joe for the great tips on “Why am I not losing weight”. I know many people, including myself, that ask this question and if when we really look into it we find out something we are not doing right – you really hit those on the head! I am so guilty of not eating enough – it is so easy to fool our minds into thinking that if we eat less we will lose more which is obviously not the case. Great info – Thanks!

  4. Joe…..Why am I not losing weight? Because as you said, I didnt get this far out of shape over night so I cant expect to get back in shape quickly. Most people all know what they need to do, they just need the push to do it.
    Nutrition is so important, as well as a workout plan. Thanks for the tips and the challenge.

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