Who’s Watching You? Being a Great Role Model

In today’s episode of Be Healthy Now, Joe asks you to take a look at what kind of role model you are for your children and grandchildren. Take a moment and think about who’s watching you and what sort of impression are your habits making on those that depend on you.

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  1. Wow Joe, pretty brutal message! But you’re right…we need to be aware of the impact we’re making on our chiildren’s lives and their lifelong beliefs about health and wellness. There’s no other way to positively impact and shape our kid’s lives than being a positive role model when it comes to our lifestyle choices. Thanks for the great motivation!

  2. You are so right Joe, what a great message about being a role model for our children and grandchildren. It’s amazing and sad at the sametime what impact our choices make. It is so important for us to make the right choices for ourselves and those who look up to us. Thanks again!

  3. Joe, what a great message about being a role model for our families. We don’t realized that impact that we have on other people’s lives both positive and negative. We can have a positive impact if we make the right choices.

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