What Is Your Excuse

In today’s episode of Be Healthy Now, fitness coach Joe Smith asks you to take a look at what you are telling yourself. Are you saying “I can’t” when it comes to achieving your goals? Maybe this is the kick in the butt that you need!
For more information visit Joe’s website at Fit Team Success.

  1. Excuses are the bane of humanity! All of us need to be reminded that we have so much more to give and do if we put our minds to it. Your message is not just about fitness. It’s about life. Next time I dodge, I will ask myself, “What’s your excuse?

  2. Joe, great show about What Is Your Excuse! Most of us are successful at something but fail in other areas of our lives. Why did we succeed? Because we had the will to overcome the struggles and kept at it until we succeeded and we continue each day to continually overcome those struggles because we will ourselves to do it. And when we fail, as you so nailed it on the head, it is because we have not made up our minds to succeed. We let the excuses come in the way of our success. I will take this to heart because I’ve had excuses in several areas of my life and need to just so no to them and yes to success! Great show!

  3. Great motivation and inspiration Joe! Thanks for pointing out the fact that we procrastinate and make excuses….human nature, right? So I’ll ask myself this question often, “What is your excuse?” Smile 🙂 and make it a great day.

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