What Are Your Goals for 2013

Have you established your goals for 2013 yet? Research has proven that people who create specific goals and review them often are more likely to have them come true. If you would like to be one of those people, watch this episode with host Amy Barnes and improve your chances of creating the life you desire in 2013.

For more information visit Amy’s website at Inner Outcomes.

  1. Pat,
    Great. Good luck in accomplishing all your goals. I’d love hear about how writing that down makes a difference for you. There is something incredibly powerful for each of us when we take the goals out of our heads and put them down on paper. When we write them down they become real.

  2. Goal setting has been at the forefront of my mind since December 2013. Asking myself “What are your goals for 2013” has challenged me to narrow down the vast options to more specific goals/behaviors. I concur with Pat, your idea for a future letter is great. I’m going to try that… Thanks Amy!

  3. Amy, thanks for the great suggestion! I did the letter for my business and it felt really good and helped me to clarify just what I want to do and have for this year. I intend to keep it out and look at it daily and I know it will help me keep on track and motivated. Great show!

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