How To Handle Poor Reviews on Facebook

Have you received a poor review on Facebook? Mike Millenbach with Toledo’s Best Marketing discusses how to handle those poor reviews. Tune in for his tips.
For more information, go to the link Mike mentions, visit, change details or give Mike a call at 419-297-4169.


About Mike Millenbach and Metro Trading Association:


Mike Millenbach Mike and Mary are co-owners of Toledo’s Best Marketing.

Mike has over 20 years of nationwide sales and marketing experience and 10 plus years of networking experience in the Toledo area. He is a member of the Maumee Chamber of Commerce and multiple networking groups in and around Toledo. He is currently acting President of the Madison Ave BNI Chapter. Mike also brings to the table over 25 years experience in business marketing, helping dozens of local business owners with successful, creative marketing strategies.

Mary has over 14 years experience with grapic design, marketing & advertising, special event co-ordinator, website design, public speaking & social media.

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