Tina Imperial: How Often Should You Talk About Your Company on Social Media?

Tina Imperial, Marketing Manager at Rainmakers, discusses the frequency in which you should post about your company on social media.
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About Tina Imperial

Tina Imperial Tina Imperial is the marketing and project manager for Rainmakers, a networking and business development company headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. Tina creates original material for blogs and social posts, and helps spread the word about Rainmakers events and trainings on numerous social media platforms.

Every small company needs that person who reads the instructions on the box (or Googles it), figures out what it all means and determines how it applies. That’s Tina. She’s an expert generalist, which is to say she enjoys acquiring new information and using it.

Her passion for new things translates well for social media and marketing. In her video series, A Marketing Minute with Tina Imperial, look for quick tips from her about marketing, social media and networking.

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  1. Great episode! Thank you for the advice on strategic social marketing content. It is interesting when you look at which posts get the most views and likes and it is often surprising. It’s nice to have a guideline as to what the percentage should be as it relates to direct marketing versus an educational or informational post. Thank you for the wonderful information!

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