The Arms Forces

Today in our Focus on Non-Profits series you will learn more about the The Arms Forces, a non-profit that helps veterans that have suffered traumatic brain injuries. You’ll hear about the valuable service they provide to our veterans and how you can help them spread the word about their upcoming fundraiser, Dancing With The Military Stars.
For more information, visit their website, The Arms Forces.

  1. Pat,
    Thank you for giving our organization the opportunity to spread the word about Dancing With The Military Stars! Your professionalism and that of your cameraman made this am enjoyable experience. I appreciate your support of our country’s military veterans.

  2. Pat, it’s great to learn about this kind of an organization in our community. It sounds like the Arms Forces is filling a great need and their event Dancing with the Military Stars sounds like a fun event. Thanks!

  3. Thank you Pat for sharing all the details about your 2nd Annual “Dancing with the Military Stars” on May 18th. Your personal story is VERY INSPIRING and will help others when faced with a similar experience. Your Life Coaching Services through The Arms Forces organization is a wonderful benefit for our military veterans!!

  4. Pam thank you for sharing all the details about Dancing with the Military Stars 2nd Annual fundraiser. We are a blessed nation and I thank you and all the military forces for their sacrifice for myself, my family and our nation.

  5. Hi Pat, This is such a wonderful cause… those injuries that we can’t see are just as important if not more so, and assistance provided for those causes are so needed. Dancing with the Military stars sounds incredibly fun! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Pam, this is a great event and opportunity for us all to help raise money for our wounded vets…and to enjoy an exciting, fun event this weekend. Thank you for al you do at the Arms Forces!

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