Take the Lead in Your Business Networking

If you are not happy with the results of your one-on-one meetings, referral groups or networking events, take the lead. In this episode of Networking With Intention, host Nikki Lewallen of Rainmakers, challenges you to step up and create your business networking experiences to produce the results you desire.

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  1. Nikki, you are speaking directly to me! Taking a lead in my Business Networking has always been something that I drop the ball on. It seemed that i was going out on a lot of “networking dates” where, because there was no plan, we talked about the weather and what got us into business in the first place. We would walk away and it never turned into referrals, business or connections, which left me frustrated. Now, going into the meeting with a plan and taking charge is something I plan on doing from now on. Thank you for your helpful advice!

  2. Thanks Nikki for the great tips on Business Networking. I love how you talked about taking the lead in our 1-to-1 meetings and networking events and creating our own events – WOW what a great tip!

  3. Great advice Nikki. If the results of our Business Networking activities are not meeting our goals, then it may be time to create our own events. Networking is an investment of time and energy…we should all measure our return on that investment and adjust our approach. Thanks for challenging us to be proactive.

  4. Thanks for another great show, Nikki! I loved your advice on business networking – taking the lead and setting the stage for one to ones. Something that has always helped me when I go to a networking event is to set my intention for myself before I go. I almost always come away with what I wanted to happen.

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