Stefanie Fox: Leading Gen Y/Millennials, Principle 2: Build Loyalty & Establish Trust

In today’s show Stefanie Fox is continuing the conversation about Gen Y/Millennial teams and the 6 guiding principles that you can follow to achieve greater results with your team. The focus of this episode is Leadership Principle #2, Build Loyalty and Establish Trust.
For more information visit Stefanie Fox’s website at Canvas Salon and Skin Bar.

About Stefanie Fox:

Stefanie FoxStefanie Fox is the founder of Canvas Salon and Skin Bar. Different from your average salon, Canvas Salon is a business focused on creating customized images for business professionals. One of the driving forces behind the opening of Canvas Salon was Stefanie’s belief that the way you feel about how you look impacts every area of your life, including your professional success.

As a business professional Stefanie has a personal passion for helping business professionals find greater happiness in their careers through finding happiness with how they feel about their personal image.

It begins with the development of a team of hairdressers who do more than learn about how to do hair. Most hairdressers attend education to advance their technical ability, but Stefanie’s team is equally focused on their self-development. This allows them to show-up with the confidence needed to help the professionals they work with find a personal image that they feel awesome about.

Stefanie views her work as building more successful businesses through focusing on both the technical and personal development of the employee. Canvas Salon represents the power of this business model.

Stefanie is a visionary, coach, and public speaker. She has a license in cosmetology, an undergraduate degree in Business Marketing, and an MBA. She has worked in both sales and education for the Aveda Corporation, and currently does work as an educator and consultant in salons around the US. She is certified as a 4MAT educator, a whole brain model for engaging learners and improving performance.

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