Special Guest, Fred Altvater, Strength and Stability

Today our special guest, Fred Altvater of Toledo Golf Lessons, provides his second episode from Heartland Rehabilitation Center in Maumee OH. Matt Schultz of Heartland gives some strength and stability tips for golfers that pertain to us all. Be sure to try out his ideas!

For more information, visit Fred’s website, Toledo Golf Lessons.

  1. Great strength and stability exercises for golfers! Your timining is perfect now that the weather is breaking for the golf season. Thanks for the tips and motivation Fred.

  2. Thanks Fred for the great show on exercises for golf! Everyone that is a golfer needs to watch this and even those that are not – great tips on strengthening our core, upper and lower body!

  3. Great tips on exercises for golf, Fred and Matt. If I ever get out on the course this summer, I’m now armed with some tools to help my game.

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