Sheryl Matthys: Special Guest Episode: Go for GOLD, With A Champion Mindset!

Sheryl Matthys asks if you’re going for GOLD like an Olympian. Do you have a champion mindset? Are you even trying or are you settling for mediocre results? Let’s talk about being a champion in business and who the judges are that matter. Sheryl shares 3 tips on making sure you land on the podium.
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About Sheryl Matthys

Sheryl MatthysSheryl Matthys realized in her years as a TV news reporter, actress in NYC, web entrepreneur, and documentary filmmaker that one of the most effective ways to “Make Your Mark” in business is through the use of video. Sheryl helps entrepreneurs attain “Star-Status” and positions you as a leader so customers and clients seek you out; and feel like they know you without having met you.

In her episodes, Sheryl shows you the steps to gain clarity in your message to stand out as the expert in your field, which will lead to making more money. This may mean reinvigorating your “About You” copy that tells your story, creating web copy or a video that captures the attention of your customer, or reigniting your passion by discovering your purpose. Some clients literally get a “makeover” with Sheryl as she finds your style that now better suits your brand and image.

She’s attracted national media attention of Fox & Friends, E!, Bravo, ABC News Now, The New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine,… taught as an adjunct professor at the Univ. of Notre Dame, and holds a Master’s in Radio/TV from Butler Univ.

As founder of Successful Women Made Here, Sheryl conducts monthly events where you gain access to the business secrets of notable entrepreneurs, make power connections, and develop key marketing tools to thrive.

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