Credit Card Processing: What You Need to Know with host Rob Cunningham


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Rob Cunningham is the owner of ATMS Consulting.

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Rob’s episodes for the spring/summer season include in April “Why Most Processing Companies Require Contracts,” and “Why ATMS Consulting Will Never Place a Contract on Processing,” in May “Interchange Versus Tiered Pricing” and “Why No One Else Will Match Our 30% Guarantee”, in June “How to Read a Credit Card Processing Statement” and “How to Avoid Being Flagged by Risk on Large Transactions” and in July “Why ATMS Places POS Systems for Free, When Others Charge Thousands” and “How to Know You Are Getting the Best Credit Card Processing Rate.”

Credit Card Processing: What You Need to Know episodes by Rob Cunningham

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Rob CunninghamATMS Consulting was created by Rob Cunningham as an answer to prayer.

Having worked in ministry and as a Pastor in Detroit, Rob was looking for something whereby he could both minister to others and make a difference. At the time, he was on the Disability to Work Program. The Program Directors informed him that it would be lunacy to even attempt to work. They reasoned that he simply had too many health issues to work and should just be grateful to draw disability. They let it be known that any attempt to seek work would be met with consequences. Therefore, he formed his own business.

After much prayer, he chose Merchant Services. It seemed a perfect fit because he has a degree in Business Management and comes from a family of Small Business Owners. The passion was already there.

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