Patrick Good: Your Business 2.0, a SWOT Analysis Tool

Patrick Good offers his free assessment tool for business owners – the Your Business 2.0, a SWOT analysis tool. As business owners, we often have blind spots when attempting to address challenges and improve our business performance. Using this tool to examine Dangers, Opportunities and Strengths will provide awareness and perspective that may not be uncovered otherwise.

For more information and to take the Your Business 2.0 assessment tool, visit Patrick’s website.


About Patrick Good 

Patrick GoodPatrick Good is the Owner of PAG Associates, a Corporation consisting of 5 business units, including AdviCoach of NW Ohio.  Pat founded AdviCoach of NW Ohio in 2010.  AdviCoach is the nation’s fastest growing business coaching and advisory firm.  Pat has an extremely broad business background with over 25 years of experience and success in a wide range of areas including Sales & Marketing, Business Development, Operations, Materials Management, Purchasing, Manufacturing, and Engineering.  His extensive business acumen is rooted in his shop-floor manufacturing and production management experience.  He has led the Materials, Purchasing, Operations, and Sales functions of local and global companies, including Honeywell International, Midwest Stamping, Kelsey-Hayes, William Cook North America, and Toledo Stamping.

Pat’s background includes certifications in Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, Theory of Constraints, and Total Quality Management systems, including Facilitator roles.  He is a Lifetime Certified Purchasing Manager and Six Sigma Black Belt.

After serving in the United States Navy, Pat earned his Engineering and Business degrees from the University of Toledo.  He was born and raised in Toledo.  He and his wife of 29 years (Peggy) have two adult daughters and live in Maumee.

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