Use This Process to Attract an Audience for Your Content Videos

Have you failed to attract an audience for your content videos? Join Pat Altvater, Digital Media Specialist, as she shares a process that you can use to make sure that the content you create speaks directly to your defined market segment. Don’t spend your money talking to the wrong people.
Download Pat’s target graphic and Ideal Client Profile Cheat Sheet that helps you work through it at FREE Ideal Client Profile Target and Cheat Sheet.


Meet Digital Media Strategiest, Pat Altvater

Pat AltvaterPat Altvater a digital media strategist and owner of AFP Marketing Group specializes in helping her clients showcase their expertise, especially with the use of video. Her company has been creating and editing videos for the Internet since 2008. Theirr mission is to create increased visibility for their clients, through training, consulting, strategizing, and implementing. When you are ready to use digital media, such as video, digital magazines or podcasting to grow your business, the team at AFP Marketing Group can help you create something that authentically showcases your expertise while attracting your perfect client.

AFP Marketing Group created BizTV Shows which now operate in seven cities, here in Toledo, Indy BizTV Shows, Columbus BizTV Shows, NE Ohio BizTV Shows, Pittsburgh BizTV Shows, Lincoln BizTV Shows, and Akron BizTV Shows.

Pat is the author of Choose Success – Ignite the Power Within. She has been featured as an expert on Fox TV News and has been quoted in numerous newspaper and magazine stories. Her article “I Want It NOW!” was published in the September 2010 Nashville Parent Magazine.


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