Pat Altvater: Do You Have A Unique Selling Proposition?

Pat Altvater shares that finding your unique selling proposition (USP) means finding a way to be unique and portraying that uniqueness in everything you do, including your videos. You can no longer compete on lowest price or best customer service or best quality because hundreds of your competitors offer that as well. Learn 3 ways to uncover your USP.
For more information, visit Pat’s blog post, Finding Your USP.


Meet Digital Media Strategiest, Pat Altvater

Pat AltvaterPat Altvater of AFP Marketing Group specializes in helping her clients showcase their expertise, especially with the use of video. She has been creating and editing videos for the Internet since 2008.  Her mission is to create increased visibility for her clients, through training, consulting, strategizing, and implementing.  When you are ready to use video to grow your business, the team at AFP Marketing Group can help you create something that authentically showcases your expertise while attracting your perfect client.  AFP Marketing Group created BizTV Shows which now operate in three cities, here in Toledo, Indy BizTV Shows and Columbus BizTV Shows.

Pat is the author of Choose Success – Ignite the Power Within. She has been featured as an expert on Fox TV News and has been quoted in numerous newspaper and magazine stories.  Her article “I Want It NOW!” was published in the September 2010 Nashville Parent Magazine.

Watch Pat’s episodes of Internet Video Tips: Growing Your Business with Video.

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  2. Thanks Pat for clarifying USP – my Unique Selling Proposition – the way to separate myself from my competitors. I am headed over to your websight right now to download your USP worksheet – because it obvious I need a little help in this area!! HELP!!!

  3. Pat, you did a get job describing USP – my Unique Selling Proposition. I also downloaded the questionnaire and look forward to completing it.

  4. You are absolutely right Pat, we are each our own USP-Unique Selling Proposition- in and of ourselves. Harnessing our specific expertise seems like a no brainer for productivity, but I know I have have been apprehensive to be so specific with myself for fear of missing out. Thank you for your always wonderful insight on marketing ourselves through video!

  5. Thanks Pat for the great show on how to create a great USP – Unique Selling Proposition. The tips you gave were so simple and make so much sense! It’s amazing to me how much video is being uploaded to the internet – WOW – I can see how important it is to have a great USP!! Love your shows!

  6. I love your shows, Pat, because you embody what you teach! Great show on finding our unique selling proposition. I can testify that this absolutely works because since my target has become women who are divorced or going through divorce, I’m getting more referrals than ever! I look forward to part 2!

  7. This is great info about Unique Selling Propositions. You’ve got me to thinking about what mine would be. I’m making a list now… my new goal is to now narrow down my target audience so i can appeal to a specific niche. Thanks Pat!

  8. Great advice about leveraging our personal unique selling proposition (USP) rather than solely focusing on our company’s attributes and features. Thanks for the awareness and motivation to incorporate our USP in our online video content, Pat. Another informative show….thanks again.

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