P90X – Why P90X is the Workout of Choice for Paul Ryan

Today’s episode of Be Healthy Now examines whether P90X is all that it’s cracked up to be. With the recent publicity regarding Paul Ryan’s use of P90X, find out the truth and learn about other stories more close to home.
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  1. Paul
    Thanks for the real facts about P90X. My daughter is a good example of how Beachbody’s programs really work if you have the desire and commitment. Now it’s time for Mother to be like Daughter and get moving!

  2. Thanks for sharing your personal P90X success story with us Joe! I know of several folks who have engaged with the program and, in all cases, the results were excellent. Perhaps we should incorporate the P90X program in the physical education curriculum at our schools…think about the effect on childhood obesity in the US.

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