Nikki Lewallen: Leverage LinkedIn Networking To Increase Sales

Nikki Lewallen shares tips to leverage LinkedIn networking to drive your sales process. You can easily fill your prospect pipeline by implementing these tips because, as Nikki reminds us, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking site.
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About Nikki Lewallen

Nikki LewallenNikki Lewallen is the Executive Director of Rainmakers and a passionate public speaker and facilitator. Nikki has been an integral part of Rainmakers explosive growth over the past five years, seeing membership triple and market expansion from Indianapolis throughout the Midwest.

Nikki currently has 14,600 hours into the study of Word of Mouth Marketing and works the Rainmakers Model daily, resulting in: 100% referral business.

Nikki holds a Master’s Degree from Indiana University. Nikki’s passion is to inspire people to their true potential and find a way to make money doing what they love!

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  1. Wonderful info about LinkedIn Networking. I am one of those that you mentioned that continue to underutilize LinkedIn. I know it’s a powerful tool, and now know how to use it to my fullest advantage. Thanks for this informative video!

  2. Nikki – I LOVE your strategies on LinkedIn Networking! I had no idea there were so many ways I could be maximizing my return with the connections I already have on this site. The tip on using Reference USA was GREAT!! Do you have a service in place that would review my LInkedIn site and then give me suggestions on how I can format my site with what you believe my potential clients are looking for? Plus a little hand’s on help with how to utilize the 2nd degree connections? THANK YOU!!

  3. Thank Nikki for the great tips on LinkedIn Networking! I know this is a social media platform that I don’t utilize very well. This show has given me great inspiration to start using it again! I have used Reference USA and it is great – I used to pay hundreds of dollars a month for the same information and this is free – a big savings. Thanks for the great info!

  4. Nikki, what great tips on using Linked In Networking! I can’t wait to try them. I have been on Linked In for quite awhile too and just don’t use it to expand my connections that much. Thanks, I look forward to more great tips on networking.

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