Nikki Lewallen: Learn How to Say NO to Meetings

Nikki Lewallen of Rainmakers discusses how to filter your meeting requests and say no to meetings that aren’t a valuable use of your time. Use the three questions she provides in this episode to strategically determine which meetings you should say YES to and which you shouldn’t.
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About Nikki Lewallen

Nikki LewallenNikki Lewallen is the Executive Director of Rainmakers and a passionate public speaker and facilitator. Nikki has been an integral part of Rainmakers explosive growth over the past five years, seeing membership triple and market expansion from Indianapolis throughout the Midwest.

Nikki currently has 14,600 hours into the study of Word of Mouth Marketing and works the Rainmakers Model daily, resulting in: 100% referral business.

Nikki holds a Master’s Degree from Indiana University. Nikki’s passion is to inspire people to their true potential and find a way to make money doing what they love!

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  1. Thanks for tips on selective meeting attendance. I certainly can identify with meetings playing havoc with time management. I’m about to try and put your advice into play!

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