Use Barter to Grow Your Business! with host Mike Millenbach


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Use Barter to Grow Your Business sponsored by Metro Trading Association and hosted by Mike Millenbach, highlights the benefits of using barter to grow your business and features many of the members of Metro Trading Association who provide information about how they use trade in their business.
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Episodes of Use Barter to Grow Your Business! with host Mike Millenbach:

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More about Mike Millenbach and Metro Trading Association


Mike Millenbach Mike Millenbach is an Account Services Representative with Metro Trading Association, the sponsor of his show. Mike’s role is to assist you in transforming your available staff-time and inventory into new sales. Those sales are turned into trade dollars that will buy you the products and services your business needs while conserving cash. With that extra cash, you may be able to open a new location, hire additional employees or expand your current location. Just imagine the possibilities!

Metro Trading Association is the oldest trade association in the Great Lakes Region. As the Midwest’s leading organized barter service, MTA has concentrated on building a strong barter economy for its members. Through our association with the International Reciprocal Trade Association and the National Association of Trade Exchanges we can access tens of thousands of businesses worldwide. Since opening in 1978, MTA is approaching more than a quarter of a billion dollars in transactions.

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