Mike Garvey: Word Tips and Tricks, Part 2

Mike Garvey with Blue Key Technology shares how to make sending letters to clients and prospects less of a chore. Watch this episode to learn just how easy it really is!
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About Mike Garvey:

Mike Garvey Mike Garvey, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Blue Key Technology, has over ten years of experience in the government, financial, and non-profit sectors. His experience comes from both technical and non-technical roles in each industry, allowing him to bring a unique combination of business experience and technical experience to their clients.

Blue Key Technology is a Managed Service Provider committed to adding quantifiable value to any business through advanced network management services, disaster recovery planning, and industry-leading hosted services. Additionally, they consistently provide their clients with excellent customer service, fair and honest pricing, and prompt support from a team of certified professional technicians. Mike’s focus within the company is on business sales and support and establishing strategic partnerships with industry leaders.

Mike holds a Bachelor’s in Finance from Ball State University, as well as multiple certifications in the IT industry.

Watch Mike’s episodes of Keys to IT: Leveraging Technology to Maximize Profitability.>

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  1. Thank you for the excellent episode on “word mail merge” and showing us some tips and tricks. This is an excellent option to send clients mail and your easy-to-follow to tutorial is much appreciated!

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