Leslie Podolsky: Time Check: 5 Actions To Take To Stop Running Late!

Leslie Podolsky of Organized By Design LLC asks if you had a very important meeting, and you ran into some unexpected traffic on your way, could you still make it on time? She shares her five simple action tips to stop running late.
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About Leslie Podolsky

Leslie PodolskyLeslie Podolsky is the founder and owner of ORGANIZED by design, LLC. She is a licensed architect and has spent over 18 years working in the architecture and design industry with residential and business clients. She is excited to use her talents to bring the two worlds of organization and design together by creating beautiful and functional spaces for her customers. She especially loves crafting custom designed storage solutions and setting up systems to keep her clients organized! Home offices and small businesses are her specialty!

Leslie is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers [NAPO] and is the Director at Large of the North Coast Ohio chapter. She also belongs to the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards.

The Toledo, Ohio area is home to Leslie, her husband and three busy children. She also enjoys volunteering on multiple boards and committees within her community.

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  1. Great tips Leslie, for those of us that do run late occasionally, these are simple, yet are often forgotten in today’s fast paced world. The tip about NOT squeezing in one more thing before leaving nails it for me. And for me, having some extra down-time if early to catchup on emails, or read, pray, plan or whatever is also so important in this chaotic world. These tips will definitely stick in my mind to help me to stop running late.

  2. Thanks for your tips to stop running late, Leslie. I often feel guilty for telling someone on the phone that I have to go or I’ll be late for an appointment but I like your take on that. I’m also guilty of trying to squeeze in one more thing. I’ll have lots of time before I need to leave and then I’ll think to myself, “oh I’ll just do this and I’ll just take care of that,” and before I know it, I’m running around and flying out the door. Great show!

  3. Leslie, thanks for the excellent tips and tricks about how to stop running late. I’m as guilty as anyone else when it comes to trying to squeeze in too much in too little time. Great reminders and great show.

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