Leslie Podolsky: Avoid Impulse Buying by Asking Three Questions Before Making A Purchase

Will you still be pleased with your large purchase once the newness wears off? Leslie Podolsky shares the three questions you need to ask before making any purchase in order to avoid impulse buying. Use these the next time you go shopping and are tempted to purchase an item you didn’t specifically go to buy.
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About Leslie Podolsky

Leslie PodolskyLeslie Podolsky is the founder and owner of ORGANIZED by design, LLC. She is a licensed architect and has spent over 18 years working in the architecture and design industry with residential and business clients. She is excited to use her talents to bring the two worlds of organization and design together by creating beautiful and functional spaces for her customers. She especially loves crafting custom designed storage solutions and setting up systems to keep her clients organized! Home offices and small businesses are her specialty!

Leslie is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers [NAPO] and is the Director at Large of the North Coast Ohio chapter. She also belongs to the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards.

The Toledo, Ohio area is home to Leslie, her husband and three busy children. She also enjoys volunteering on multiple boards and committees within her community.

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  1. Leslie, what a great episode on impulse buying and why to avoid it. This is a perfect time of year for all of us to hear what you have to say. Sometimes, I can relate to what you’re saying even before I leave the store. I have put something in the cart becauseit was a really good deal and by the time I went to cash out, I realized I didn’t even like it!
    I wish my husband would have watched this episode years ago because he could’ve rented many of the tools and equipment stored in our garage that he only needed for a one time project!

  2. Thanks Leslie on great info on how to avoid impulse buying or buyer’s remorse Your 3 questions is a great way to put buying in perspective. They should be imbedded in all of us and taught to children.

  3. Great show, Leslie, on how to avoid impulse buying! I’ve certainly had clothing and other items that I thought I absolutely had to have in the store but by the time I get home, I’m asking myself, “what was I thinking?!” Your questions are a great way to avoid those purchases that we don’t really need. Thanks!

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