Leslie Podolsky: 5 Keys to Boost Your Productivity at Work This Summer

Leslie Podolsky of Organized By Design LLC shares her simple steps to boost your productivity at work this summer. These five easy tips will help you stay focused in the office during the warm weather.
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About Leslie Podolsky

Leslie PodolskyLeslie Podolsky is the founder and owner of ORGANIZED by design, LLC. She is a licensed architect and has spent over 18 years working in the architecture and design industry with residential and business clients. She is excited to use her talents to bring the two worlds of organization and design together by creating beautiful and functional spaces for her customers. She especially loves crafting custom designed storage solutions and setting up systems to keep her clients organized! Home offices and small businesses are her specialty!

Leslie is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers [NAPO] and is the Director at Large of the North Coast Ohio chapter. She also belongs to the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards.

The Toledo, Ohio area is home to Leslie, her husband and three busy children. She also enjoys volunteering on multiple boards and committees within her community.

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  1. Thanks Leslie for the great tips on how to boost your productivity at work in the summer! I loved how you talked about taking some breaks to improve your mood and productivity – what a great idea – and about the ice cream cone – that always helps everything. Looking forward to your next show!

  2. Another great show, Leslie, Thanks for offering your 5 tips to boost your productivity at work in the summer months. What if we’re located in an area of the country which is warm year round (Florida)? I guess we would drown ourselvelse in water and ice cream 🙂

  3. I’m lucky enough to be able to give myself a change of scenery whenever I feel like my productivity is fizzling out. I’ll get out of my office and set up camp at the kitchen table; a place that’s filled with lots of natural light. Or, when it’s warm, my deck invites my creative side to come out. Coffee shops, libraries; there’s so many places to go, even if it’s just for an hour. I find lots of success boosting my productivity simply by changing my environment! Thanks for sharing that and justifying the method to my madness! 🙂

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