Karen Kiemnec: Listening to Your Intuition

Karen Kiemnec gives tips on what your intuition is, how it can be helpful and how listening to your intuition is not that difficult. She offers different ways to access your intuition in this episode of Knock Your Blocks Off. Try her ideas and see how it affects your business.
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About Karen Kiemnec

Karen Kiemnec Karens Paths to WellnessKaren Kiemnec , host of Knock Your Blocks Off, helps her clients, knock their blocks off, those areas in their lives that keep them from success, abundance, and good health.

A transplant from Indiana, Karen moved to Ohio in 1998. She has always enjoyed working with people in various fields. She spent 18 years in historic preservation of old buildings, guiding others in the resources needed to restore historic buildings to their original splendor. She taught exercise classes for cancer patients and survivors for 9 years and also taught crafts classes. Karen began Journey work in March of 2008 and was accredited in January of 2009. She feels nothing she has done in her life up to this point has been as meaningful and as satisfying as working with others to release their emotional blocks through Journey work and to see them blossom! Karen shares her home in Sylvania with her husband, Jerry, (and their greyhound, Dayna) and between them they have 4 children and 4 grandchildren.

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  1. Thanks Karen for the great show on listening to your intuition. I have always been a great believer in following my own intuition and really believe in what you said about your “gut feeling”. I just loved how you talked about posing a question to yourself before you go to bed – it’s amazing sometimes the answer that will be ready for you in the morning. Sometimes I just love going to bed when I have a big problem to solve because I know my intuition will help me with it overnight! Thanks for the great information.

  2. Thanks Karen for sharing all about the gentle voice of intuition! I totally agree that Listening to My Intuition brings about my most creative moments! I love your idea of keeping a notebook by my bed – some of my best ideas come to me during the middle of the night!

  3. Karen, you’re absolutely correct….listening to my intuition is like having a coach or guide to advise me all day, everyday. Thank you for the great awareness of our “little voice” inside. I think the trick is to filter the negative voice and embrace our positive intuition as a resource for decision making and spiritual well-being. Great show!

  4. Listening to your intuition is so important! And you’re right Karen, when i hear something that resonates with me it is very moving and inspirational. Almost a nudge to act or reflect… I take that very seriously and your show has helped to explain the reason why i should! Thank you!

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