Benefits of Delayed Gratification, Parental Rules, Part 1

Jim Fisher, of Fisher Wealth Creations, discusses why developing the discipline of saving and delayed gratification in your children can lead to healthier life style character traits later in life.
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Wealth Creations Education & Tax Coach, James Fisher:

Jim Fisher James R Fisher, CPA/PFS, CTC, Wealth Creations Education and Tax Coach has a unique approach to helping people find money they are currently transferring away unknowingly and unnecessarily. His strategy is to have a bigger impact on your financial future by helping you avoid the wealth transfer losses rather than speculating on the next winning investment. It makes little sense to have a million dollars only to discover you lost a million on the way.

Jim specializes in
 Empowering people to take control of their investment decisions. This begins with answering the 20 Must Answer Questions that will guide your investment decisions. His educational and fun presentations combined with an academically sound investment platform helps create peace of mind, wealth, and confidence in prudent investing.

 Middle Class Family Financial Wealth Creation and Security. With Jim’s assistance you can stop transferring your wealth, following the herd, and forfeiting your financial security and create true wealth and financial independence.

 Tax Reduction Strategies for Small Business Owners. Jim specializes in unlocking the tax code to provide legal IRS approved loopholes to create tax reduction strategies for business owners. He helps you take advantage of these with a written documented plan, implementation, and education.

A life-time resident of the Anthony Wayne community, you can usually find Jim volunteering and participating in the local activities. He enjoys being a leader in the Scouting program, and spends his free time in the great outdoors. Learn more about Jim at Fisher Wealth Creations.

Learn more about Jim Fisher at Wealth Creations and also on Facebook, Linked-Inand Twitter.

James Fisher is a registered advisor offering investment advice through Marathon Financial Group, LLC., An SEC Registered Investment Advisor, 9841 Broken Land Parkway, Suite 206, Columbia, MD 21046. Phone: 443-718-6310. James Fisher, CPA and Wealth Creations is unaffiliated with Marathon Financial Group, LLC.

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  1. Thanks Jim for the great information on the benefits of delayed gratification and how important it is for, not only us, but our youth. I found the study that you mentioned about the toddlers so very interesting and eye opening. I totally agree with your insight! Looking forward to your next show.

  2. Jim, the information shared on the benefits of delayed gratification are so simple yet so profound. Saving money may seem boring in our society of instant gratification but the benefits and outcomes are so life changing. Great info and looking forward to more on the gatekeeper, teacher and role model.

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