Jenn Wenzke: How to Empower Yourself Through Your Language, Part 1

Jenn Wenzke shares how we sabotage ourselves through the words we use. Learn how to empower yourself by making small changes to your language patterns. Don’t forget to schedule your complementary consultation using the link below.
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About Jenn Wenzke

Jenn WenzkeJenn Wenzke is a Certified Motivational & Life Coach, Licensed NLP Practitioner and a Mary Kay Sr. Sales Director of 20 years.  Jenn loves the mission statement of her new venture, SoNow Coaching, which is “Empowering women to FULLY appreciate their gifts, achieve their dreams and LIVE their legacy.” Jenn’s passion is helping women live a life filled with joy, peace, fun, confidence, success, appreciation, spirituality, self-love, and financial independence !

“Make the Leap” is her 5-Step Coaching Sequence that focuses on EMBRACING where you are now and LEAPING toward where you would like to go!  Jenn is also the Founder of a networking group called “So Now.”  It is a wonderful group of women that meet each month to celebrate their successes, network with like-minded women and enjoy a featured speaker.

For fun, Jenn enjoys hanging around with her husband Bob, 5 children, 5 grandchildren and sweet puppy Lacy!  You’ll also find her playing tennis, reading and SHOPPING!

Watch Jenn’s episodes of Jenn’s Coaching Corner.

  1. Great show, Jenn, on empowering ourselves through our language! You offered really insightful tips on what to watch for as we’re speaking internally to ourselves and to others. Thanks and I look forward to the next three tips.

  2. Jenn, this is wonderful information on empowering yourself through your language. I had to face this very thing in my own life and dealings with others. It was through feedback from others that i became aware of how i was really coming across to others, and even how i felt about myself… it wasn’t positive. Your tips are so on point, thank you for sharing!

  3. Jenn, thanks for sharing the great insight and information about how to empower yourself through the language we use with others. I love your helpful idea about how we sabotage ourselves and enlisting the help of a coach or accountability partner to listen and provide feedback to us. Looking forward to your next show!

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