Jeanne DeWitt Why You Should Use a Surge Protector or UPS

Jeanne DeWitt explains four computer power problems you must know about and provides two simple, inexpensive solutions that will protect from the damage it can cause. Find out in this episode why you should use a surge protector or UPS.
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About Jeanne DeWitt

Jeanne DeWittJeanne DeWitt, host of Technology Times: Insider Tips for Your Business, and David Hood, started Computer Programming Unlimited, Inc. in 1986 to solve computer problems for small and mid-sized businesses in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan.

Over the years, they have developed a unique company model making IT Hassle-Free and Budget Friendly, deviating from the typical “Break Fix” type computer company where it is standard to wait for something to break and then send out a technician to fix it, basically profiting from your IT failure.  Instead, they have made their success on preventing computer problems from ever happening, virtually eliminating downtime and lost productivity.  To do this they have invested in a myriad of tools, processes and certifications that allow them to provide you with affordable solutions and the type of care that Fortune 500 companies have internally.

Computer Programming Unlimited has expertise in many areas including Cloud Services, Backup and Disaster Recovery, Email and SPAM protection, Managed Firewalls, VoIP, Application and Database Development and Website Design.

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  1. Thanks Jeanne!! – Wow, there are so many hidden dangers a computer can be exposed to. I had no idea that electricity was one of the biggest threats to my computer and that a simple Surge Protector or UPS could protect me from the loss of all of my important data. You just saved me from many future headaches I may have encountered with the potential loss of my photos and business data!!

  2. Great show about surge protectors and UPS devices…thanks for the insight Jeanne. We’ve all experienced the annoyance and potential disaster related to power surges, spikes, sags and noise with our computers. And now I understand how best to protect my devices from these threats. Looking forward to your next show.

  3. Thanks so much, Jeanne, I had no idea of all the threats of electricity – I only knew about the need for a surge proctector! I really appreciate your help in suggesting the best surge protector and UPS. Great show!

  4. Jeanne, electricity is obviously needed to run your computers but it is also a great threat to it. You did a great job explaining the threats to your computers and the solutions such as surge protectors and UPS devices that are needed to protect your computers from these threats.

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