How to Avoid IRS Red Flags

In this episode of Business Cents Ron and Leah Beck of Your Launch Point, continue their discussion about the importance of using experts in your business. Also, learn how a CPA can help you avoid making reporting mistakes on your return that are “red flags” to the IRS. This is Part 2 of a two part series.

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About Ron Brangham

Ron Brangham Perrysburg CPARon Brangham CPA, of Brangham & Associates, Inc., has over 25 years experience helping small business owners maximize their bottom line, through his accounting and tax services, business consulting, and QuickBooks training and consulting.  He is also a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider – Tax Services. Ron can answer questions about Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace program and help you to become Debt Free.

Ron and Suzanne, his partner in business and life, serve over 100 businesses and more than 300 individuals. Ron believes that the key to success is building strong and lasting relationships. He and his team are committed to creating a strong partnership by providing close, personal attention to their clients.

With Ron’s extensive knowledge of business taxation, he can minimize tax liability and maximize profit. He is  innovative, conscientious, and self-motivated with an ability to communicate with all levels of an organization.  He offers a no cost consultation to prospective business clients.

Ron is a member of both the American Institute and the Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants, the Rotary Club of Perrysburg, and Business Networking International Perrysburg Chapter. Ron enjoys golf, working out, spending time with his family and being actively involved with his local church.

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  1. You and Leah are so right, Ron. Entrepreneurs are ahead in the long run when they hire experts to help them and just focus on what they do to generate revenue. I enjoyed your two part series. Especially thanks for these tips about IRS red flags…I’m sure many small business owners that do their taxes themselves inadvertently raise red flags.

  2. Hi Ron! Thanks for the great 2 part series show with Leah! Raising IRS red flags is something I think everyone definately wants to avoid. I agree so much with hiring experts to help, it makes so much sense for business owners to concentrate on what they do best and hire experts to do the rest. You are definately an expert in your field, thanks again for sharing.

  3. Long-time and new business owners need to watch this show to understand IRS red flags. There’s so much a CPA can do to help organizations sail through financial waters with much more knowledge and ease.

  4. Ron, Thanks to you and Leah for the information on IRS Red Flags. As a lender, I can’t stress enough how important it is to have an expert help with organizing and tracking those financial numbers. It is well worth the expense in the long run.

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