Havilland Maxwell: 3 Reasons to Add Voice Over To Your Marketing Plan

Havilland Maxwell, professional voice talent, shares how you can stand out from your competition by adding voice over to your marketing plan. She offers three reasons professional voice over makes sense for business owners.
For more information visit Havilland’s website at Your Business VO.

About Havilland Maxwell:

Havilland MaxwellHavilland Maxwell, is the owner of Havilland Maxwell Voice Overs. As a professional voice talent, her mission is to help your business sound its best. From voice-mail and on-hold messages to business narrations and training videos, Havilland’s goal is help you educate your target audience, enhance your brand, or build stronger relationships with your customers.

Havilland has performed hundreds of commercials and narrations for TV, radio and the internet throughout her career. Clients include: Goodwill, Roche, TJ Maxx, The Jackie Robinson Foundation, Capital One, MasterCard, United Way of Central Ohio, Hollywood Casino Columbus, and Pfizer. She also served as an anchor, producer, and reporter for an Ohio affiliate of the NBC and FOX networks. She had the pleasure of interviewing guests including Speaker of the House John Boehner, Kweisi Mfume, the former President and CEO of the NAACP and musician Bret Michaels.

She’s also hosts HavMore TV where creative souls get together to celebrate life outside the box. Her guests are creatives, small business owners and entrepreneurs who inspire people to take that first step into the unknown world of working for themselves.

Watch her episodes of The Voice of Your Business.

Learn more about Havilland Maxwell at Your Business VO and also on Havilland Maxwell , Havilland Maxwell Linked-In and Havilland Maxwell Twitter.

  1. Thanks Havilland for the great video on how voice over can help you in your business. My eyes were definitely opened when you gave the reasons we should be consider using this valuable resource. I never thought of it that way and it makes perfect sense! Looking forward to your next show.

  2. Havilland, your “voice” is amazing…not just your voice, but your message as well. You clearly “get it” and businesses should take note of the opportunity to leverage your gift. I hope to be able to refer my clients to you in the near future. Looking forward to your next show.

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