Growing Your Business By Being Intentional

Nikki Lewallen explains how growing your business by being intentional when networking is just a process that you can follow to get immediate results. Watch today so you can implement this and achieve your goals at your next networking opportunity.
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  1. What a great tip Nikki! I know I have been guilty of losing my intention at networking events unintentionally.
    The saying “failing to plan is planning to fail” is applicable to everything we do in business.

  2. Thanks for the information on growing your business, Nikki. I usually set intentions for networking meetings but I never thought of it for social media. Also, from your show, I’m realizing I need to be more specific about my intentions.

  3. Networking education is so important in growing your business. I’ve always found myself helping others and left with what i felt was nothing in the end. These tips help me to become focused and intentional when networking. I’m going to my next networking event looking for results. Thanks!

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