Feeling Stuck: The Vows That Bind You

Most of us have found ourselves feeling stuck at times in our lives because of vows that we made when we were scared or hurt or angry and now those vows no longer serve us.  Karen explains how that can happen and what we can do to release them.

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About Karen Kiemnec

Karen Kiemnec Karens Paths to WellnessKaren Kiemnec , host of Knock Your Blocks Off, helps her clients, knock their blocks off, those areas in their lives that keep them from success, abundance, and good health.

A transplant from Indiana, Karen moved to Ohio in 1998. She has always enjoyed working with people in various fields. She spent 18 years in historic preservation of old buildings, guiding others in the resources needed to restore historic buildings to their original splendor. She taught exercise classes for cancer patients and survivors for 9 years and also taught crafts classes. Karen began Journey work in March of 2008 and was accredited in January of 2009. She feels nothing she has done in her life up to this point has been as meaningful and as satisfying as working with others to release their emotional blocks through Journey work and to see them blossom! Karen shares her home in Sylvania with her husband, Jerry, (and their greyhound, Dayna) and between them they have 4 children and 4 grandchildren.

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  1. We all have old beliefs and vows that, most of the time, unbeknownst to us, keeps us feeling stuck. It’s all about becoming more aware of what truly drives us to operate the way we do and then making better choices for ourselves. Your show hits the mark on this very important tip, Karen.

  2. So often when we feel stuck we look at the immediate circumstances and try to fix those. Thanks for showing us that it may go back quite a way and be much, much stronger than we think.

    Thanks Karen!

  3. Great show Karen! I think we all have roadbloacks that we create and many times we don’t even know it – giving us a feeling of being stuck. Thanks for the tip to help us out!

  4. Karen, you definitely gave us something to think about. I know that we can all create circumstances in our lives that produce that “feeling stuck” feeling. Thank you for giving us a fresh perspective on it.

  5. I’ve made “vows” in the past, declaring something without realizing how it could keep me feeling stuck, until I looked in retrospect. I love the “ah ha” moment of realization – it’s good to know there are people like you to help us release those old vows!

  6. Great show Karen! I was a member of the clean plate club!! You bring to light how so often we don’t take the time to work through and resolve those difficult things in our life. How much healthier we would all be if we would listen to ourselves and identify those “feeling stuck” areas so we could release them!

  7. Oh Karen, this is just so helpful! Thank you for posting and I absolutely love the format…now if you could just come through my screen and give me a hug that would be wonderful. 🙂

  8. Karen,

    Thank you for the challenge to consider old “vows” and how they may be roadblocks to keep us stuck. I appreciate your wise insights; you’ve certainly given me a new way of thinking.

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