Practicing Perspective: An Overview

Dr. Deitra Hickey, PhD, shares that understanding and practicing perspective is a powerful component to realizing the emotional and mental peace that we all desire. Practicing perspective may not be an easy task but if you use Dr. Hickey’s suggestions, you will be on your way to a attaining the happiness and contentment that you deserve.
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About Dr. Deitra Hickey, PhD

Dr. Deitra HickeyDr. Deitra Hickey PhD., was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. She has utilized her life experiences to develop a passion to help others find their balance and honor themselves through physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

Deitra developed a strong will and resilience at a young age by taking care of two paralyzed parents after witnessing both of them being shot. She then cared for her mother who suffered from Multiple Sclerosis until she passed away at only 48. Deitra is a transparent individual that will admit she had struggled as a teenager with consistent doubt, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. She made the decision early on not to accept these facets of her outlook and learned how to take control of her life. Deitra has dedicated her life to assisting others to find positive perspective and happiness. She encourages the importance of capitalizing on life’s challenges to strengthen and empower versus using adversity as a crutch.

In addition, Dr. Hickey proudly teaches the community about the positive effects of holistic treatments that not only pamper the deserving individual but also aid in overall health, wellness and stress reduction.

Dr. Hickey worked for Toledo Public for 17 years as a teacher, school counselor, and a school principal. She taught PhD students at the University of Toledo prior to opening her business, Serenity Health & Wellness Center. Dr. Hickey is a proud Toledian and enjoys bringing her experience, education, and dedication to make a lasting impression and difference in others’ lives.

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  1. Thanks Deitra for the great show on perspective! I just LOVED your analogy about the car in traffic, this is so true. I always try to be really positive throughout my day, but sometimes issues occur that can just ruin the moment or the day as you suggested. I’m going to really work on keeping my positive perspective all the time! Also welcome to the channel! Can’t wait to see our next show.

  2. Thanks for all the perfect reminders on how to practice perspective, focusing on all our accomplishments and the positives rather than letting ourselves get bogged down in the negative. Great show, Deitra!

  3. Great advice on practicing perspective to lead a more positive life. Focusing on accomplishments, realizing what others are going through, being thankful. Thanks for helping us be centered with the right positive perspective.

  4. Great show Deitra on Practicing Perspective. It is easy to flow into negativity. Having a positive perspective does take practice but then it becomes easy to switch from a negative thought and it feels so much better! Great tips – thank you 🙂

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