S.T.E.P. Into Health: Supportive Therapies For Better Outcomes with host Debra Reis, RN MSN NP


Debra Reis

Debra Reis, RN MSN NP is the creator of the S.T.E.P. method; learn about it at DebraReis.com..

Deb also shares her message through public speaking, workshops and keynotes. Visit her speaker profile to get the details of her topics.
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Meet Debra Reis, RN MSN NP


Debra ReisDebra Reis is a nurse, teacher and author specializing in holistic health and supportive therapies including essential oils, relaxation techniques and gentle movement therapies. She is the director and an instructor for the Certification in Clinical Aromatherapy program for the Institute of Spiritual Healing & Aromatherapy and nationally known expert in the area of essential oils for cancer care. According to several students, Deb has a gift for making complex information easy to understand and integrate into practice.

Deb is a Nia Black Belt instructor offering community classes as well as specialty classes for cancer survivors. Nia is a fusion fitness program integrating mind, body, spirit concepts through movement. Her current research and recent publication is in the area of Nia benefits for women with a breast cancer diagnosis. Deb incorporates relaxation therapies such as guided imagery and aromatherapy at an outpatient oncology center and maintains an independent practice as a holistic consultant and practitioner. She has several publications to her credit and has given many presentations on holistic topics.

Deb is the founder of the Supportive Therapy Engagement Program (STEP) to assist organizations to implement and integrate supportive therapies into a patient treatment plan for better outcomes.

Learn more about Debra Reis at DebraReis.com.