Choice of Entity: Personal Asset Protection

In this episode of Business Cents, Ron Brangham will help you learn about the different types of business entities and find out how to make sure your choice of entity is optimum for the protection of your personal assets.

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About Ron Brangham

Ron Brangham Perrysburg CPARon Brangham CPA, of Brangham & Associates, Inc., has over 25 years experience helping small business owners maximize their bottom line, through his accounting and tax services, business consulting, and QuickBooks training and consulting.  He is also a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider – Tax Services. Ron can answer questions about Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace program and help you to become Debt Free.

Ron and Suzanne, his partner in business and life, serve over 100 businesses and more than 300 individuals. Ron believes that the key to success is building strong and lasting relationships. He and his team are committed to creating a strong partnership by providing close, personal attention to their clients.

With Ron’s extensive knowledge of business taxation, he can minimize tax liability and maximize profit. He is  innovative, conscientious, and self-motivated with an ability to communicate with all levels of an organization.  He offers a no cost consultation to prospective business clients.

Ron is a member of both the American Institute and the Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants, the Rotary Club of Perrysburg, and Business Networking International Perrysburg Chapter. Ron enjoys golf, working out, spending time with his family and being actively involved with his local church.

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  1. Video was very informative. Helped me to understand the reasons for the different entities available and that there are different tax issues involved with each entity.

    • Thanks Bill! Most business owners don’t realize that their choice of entity is such an important decision to protecting their assets and in determining the amount of taxes they will have to pay. Check out our next episode on small business taxation in two weeks and I will be giving advice on how small business owners can lower their taxes.

    • Thanks Richard! Many business owners are very confused and are not getting any advise about choice of entity for small businesses. We specialize in helping small businesses determine which type of entity is best for their circumstances.

  2. Ron,

    Thanks! I found this information about choice of entity to be very timely and helpful for me as I am just starting a new business. You’ve given me a lot to think about and some helpful, practical advice to use as I move forward.


    • Thanks Becky! Choice of Entity for small businesses is a critical decision and is best addressed when you are starting a business. All new business owners should seek advice about which type of business entity is best for their circumstances.

  3. Good information, Ron. You would be surprised at the number of medical professionals that leave themselves personally liable because they have made a poor choice of entity. In fact, many chiropractors practice as a sole proprietor, which is just a bad idea.

    • Thanks Bryan! And I agree, it is very simple and easy to setup an LLC which can protect the assets that we work so hard to get. Not to mention, that many medical professionals can probably benefit from some of the tax benefits that can be achieved with proper tax planning and strategy.

  4. Great information, Ron. So many people need to know how to protect themselves with their choice of entity. There are a number of options, each with pro’s and con’s, to help minimize risk/exposure, limit start-up costs and complexity, and ease tax burdens. You gave a solid summary — thanks!

  5. Hi Ron! Very informative information on selecting your choice of entity. It is very helpful to know the pros and cons of each type when setting up a business. I’m looking forward to your next show!

  6. Thank you for this information about choice of entity. I am looking forward to your next episode that you mentioned talked about the tax implications of our choice. Nice job!

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