Car Accident Negligence: Elements to Consider

Have you been injured in an auto accident or know someone who has and you are not sure of your rights? Tune in as Steven M. Burke Attorney at Law shares how an attorney can evaluate your claim to ensure you are compensated fairly in two important areas.
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About Attorney Steven M. Burke

Steven M BurkeAttorney Steven M. Burke has practiced law for over 30 years. He is a licensed attorney in Ohio, Colorado, and Michigan and is a partner at Lydy & Moan, Ltd. Over the years he has handled various matters from real estate transactions to custody disputes. Prior to obtaining his law degree he was extensively involved in real estate; which provided invaluable knowledge that allows him to represent clients in various real estate matters, whether selling, buying, leasing or all forms property disputes, including foreclosures.

Over the years, he has handled complex matters in many areas of law including real estate, foreclosure, bankruptcy, corporate, family law, divorce law and personal injury. He has represented major financial institutions including real estate transactions, foreclosure transactions, and collection matters and is versed on opening corporations, commercial transactions and secured transactions.

He is abreast of the new bankruptcy laws and continues to educate himself to effectively represent his clients with respect to debt relief.

His practice has been firmly built on the foundation of serving the client and their needs. From your initial consultation through to the completion of his services and the resolution of your case, you can be confident that at all times, his knowledge, experience and integrity there at your disposal, when you need it most.

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  1. Thanks Steven for this very informative show on car accident negligence. I think most of us don’t know what to do when we are in a accident – whether it’s our fault or not. It’s great to know that you are here for us if we need you!

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