Accessorize with Scarves and Jewelry

Making a positive first impression is so important, whether it’s at a networking event, a job interview or just out in public. In this episode of Etiquette Essentials with host Jill-Marie Zachman, you’ll get tips about accessories, including how to accessorize with scarves and jewelry
For more information visit Jill-Marie’s website, First Impressions With Jill-Marie.

  1. I always wonder what to do differently with my scarves. I see cute ones all of the time and am starting to accessorize with scarves and jewelry more and more but always wanted to know how to wear them in order to stand out and show them off. This was a great tutorial. Thanks for posting!

  2. Thanks Jill-Marie for the great tips on how to accessorize with scarves and jewelry! I have a lot of scarves that I never wear because I don’t always know the proper way to wear them so this show is very timely! What’s the best way to wear a scarf with a jacket or blaser?

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