3 Health Mistakes Business People Make

Today’s episode of Be Healthy Now, offers 3 health mistakes that business people make and find out how to avoid them. Struggle is less painful than regret so find out what to do so you can have high energy to run your business.

For more information visit Joe’s website at Fit Team Success.

  1. Joe, thanks for sharing the 3 health mistakes business people make and your personal story of how you changed your life for the better. I appreciate your candor and motivational energy…very inspirational. Thank you.

  2. Joe, the three mistakes business people make are the three mistakes I made for most of my life. I woke up too and am forever grateful. Your personal story will inspire others. Thank you.

  3. Thanks for the information on the three health mistakes business people make. I especially like that you said to at least pick one and make a commitment to do it. We sometimes try to take it all on and then get discouraged but if we take one at a time, it’s more achievable.

  4. Thanks Joe for sharing your insights and tips on the three health mistakes that business people make … you have to make the time to look after yourself, especially if you run your business from home … you never switch off. It’s easy to just pop back to the office and check email, when the office is in your house!

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